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Anthony Delmedico - CEO Storm Ventures Group

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To learn how to be an expert in Door to door selling visit

The best way to grow your business sales is by working with the top sales guy. Ways of scaling a business-

1. Always hire the right talent suitable for your need.

2. Focus on how they grab material and how to place contents at the right place.

3. Focus on learning new techniques and emphasis on how your order sheet work?

4. Learn and innovate the system you are working on.

For a business to be successful, a proper training platform highlighting each and every aspect of the goal is required.
There should be a course to get information about industry step-by-step starting from the interview process itself.

How to train better for the door-to-door industry?
1. Train and inform about the revenue department. everything related to financial aspects of the institution needs to be included here. It will highlight the core aspect of the organization. moreover, you will get a clear and concise map of the firm's goal. Master that art.

2. Then move over to production.

3. Accountability.

The advantages of expanding your business

The prime reason to expand a business is to increase profitability. Other benefits associated with expanding the business are as follows:

1. You will get access to high amount loan at a nominal interest rate. Small businesses find it difficult to fulfill criteria for availing traditional small business loans.

2. Launching new products considering user's requirements in mind. It will help in broadening the customer base.

3. Good reputation and exposure will increase the ability to attract professionally qualified staff which will take the business to a whole new level.

4. Many successful organizations once started out as home-based businesses. So, the aim should be-
"keep your feet grounded but never stop looking at the sky."

What are the issues to consider before the expansion of Business?

Scaling a business always carry some chances of the downfall. So it's better you should look at those aspects before expansion:
Increased Sales vs Costs of Expansion

Increased sales and business expansion are like chicken and egg. You feel like you are investing a chicken during expansion, but the sale is as small as an egg. Perform a detailed market research and prepare a sales forecast for the expansion of the business.

Make a list of the costs for the expansion of the business- depending upon the business, the list may include estimates for:

A. Renovations
B. Increased utilities
C. Leasing new building spaces
D. Office equipments
E. Additional manufacturing equipments
F. The most important is- do a breakeven analysis to calculate whether the expansion will work in your favor or not.

Is Financing Required?

It seems logical, if you are expanding the business then it requires capital investment. There are numerous financial institutions ready to invest in business provided you hold a good reputation and a huge groundwork. A perfect financial reputation ensures you get a speedy financial help from those institutions.

No matter how you begin your business, you always need to seek debt or equity for financing. Moreover, a clear motive of your business and its impact upon expansion will clearly demonstrate a good picture in front of the investors.

Are Qualified Staff Available?

This question seems too mainstream, but you know, every business owner has to face this situation. You ask any businessman, they will tell you that one of their main common problems with business growth is lack of qualified staff. Training existing employee is also an option but you must be aware of the time involved in training the employees.

If above all is not something you were looking for, consider merging with an existing business and later retain their staff for the development of your firm.


Everything is useless unless you plan and manage things well. Management duties ensure the overall success of the business.
Trading with more clients and managing extra staff will engage more of your time and energy. Given that the regular solo entrepreneur does everything from product development to marketing, mastering how to delegate is a must when expanding a business.

Summary: How to expand a Business the Smart Way

Expanding a business can be highly profitable but at the same time very challenging. Before beginning on a business development, do your homework and develop a strategy for growth that will reduce risk and maximize the chances of a successful transformation to a larger organization.

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